The Right Choice

Season 2 Podcast 4 Part 1 Truth or Lie

March 10, 2021 Kathleen Season 2 Episode 4
The Right Choice
Season 2 Podcast 4 Part 1 Truth or Lie
Show Notes

(Part 1) TRUTH or LIE: 

Making #theRIGHTchoice is not just a good idea, it is actually a lifestyle choice. It is a way of living that is healthy, positive, truthful, alive, loving and humble. 

When you begin to make the right choices in life, your life takes on a new direction. 

You begin to have a greater sense of purpose, passion and live in a power that only Holy Spirit can provide. 

You feel alive and others will want to embrace who you are and what you stand for. 

In part one, we will take you through our filters, and really get REAL with you. REAL life examples from both your co-hosts so you can ‘see’ that none of us are perfect, BUT GOD perfects the imperfections through His Holy and anointed way. Amen? 

Kathleen Mailer and Kelly Row 
YOUR co-hosts, #theRIGHTChoice 

As always, send in your questions to: [email protected]  WE LOVE THEM! 


*In case you missed it - you can go back and listen to episodes 1-5 (the foundation of #theRIGHTchoice). 

We stand for health, peace, and prosperity for the: Individual – Family – Church - Government 
We believe the Right Choice is made when we examine what we believe, and what we stand for. 

There are four main platforms that the Right Choice will bring to light. You are either standing up for: 1) Truth or Lie, 2) Life or Death, 3) Love or Lust, 4) Submission or Rebellion