The Right Choice

Q&A USA ELECTIONS - Episode #11

October 09, 2020 Kathleen Season 1 Episode 11
The Right Choice
Q&A USA ELECTIONS - Episode #11
Show Notes

The US election is about as polarizing as it gets. 

With only two choices in their system, there is a real head to head battle between the Republicans and the Democrats. 

Many feel this polarization could lead to a civil war. 

What is at stake in this election? 
By the looks of the questions we got, it is evident that people really need to press in to make #theRIGHTchoice!  

Good questions and good thoughts come out of this.  Lot’s to ‘chew’ on along with your favorite beverage today.
*In case you missed it  - you go back and listen to episodes 1-5 (the foundation of #theRIGHTchoice).

We stand for health, peace, and prosperity for the: 
Individual – Family – Church - Government 

We believe the Right Choice is made when we examine what we believe, and what we stand for.  

There are four main platforms that the Right Choice will bring to light. 
You are either standing up for: 

1) Truth or Lie  2) Life or Death  3) Love or Lust  4) Submission or Rebellion